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Too many times I have been to services where Communion was an afterthought because the sermon and/or the worship went longer than was planned…and so as people are gathering their stuff and thinking about lunch (depending on what time the service is)…and not really focused on communion.

Sadly most churches celebrate Communion only once a month, being relegated to line in the bulletin and another thing to do on the schedule.

Communion is a BIG deal!  It is probably the most important ordinance Jesus gave to the church (you could argue baptism is…)

-Communion is the meeting place between Heaven and Earth

-Communion has its roots in the Passover, remembering what God did for His people, and so it is now our passover where we remember what God did for us too

-We are told to celebrate Communion every time we meet until Jesus returns for us

When we rush through Communion because we ran out of time, it becomes just another thing we do at church, instead of what it really is.

If you have to drop or cut something, next time try cutting the sermon…you can always preach what you missed the next week, and besides Communion is the best sermon we could preach, by preaching it we proclaim that we believe Jesus died for us and is returning for us…which is good news!

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