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I used Scrivener and I liked it!

I read a blog that talked about using Scrivener to write and how it was better than trying to write in Word or Pages.

It is really designed for screenplays and books more than it is papers on the Old Testament…but it works for writing, period!

I admit that I don’t have a handle on all of its features but just using it for one paper has me sold on it.

If you need quantitative proof here you go:

Usually I struggle to write a ten page paper.  When I use Pages or Word, I feel like I spend more time formatting than writing especially footnotes. I end up putting more fluff than I am comfortable with in order to make the minimum page count.

However using Scrivener I compiled to Word (which works perfectly) and had three pages more than the maximum page limit and still have three topics to write about. The best part is that there is no fluff and so now I have to cut… and figure out what meat I need to trim!

Scrivener cuts out the distractions compiles all my research, PDFs and webpages in a notebook so that I don’t have to move out of Scrivener to get info to write about or quote.

If you write check it out.

They have some special pricing due to it being National Novel Writing Month.

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