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Unconventional Leadership Lesson 3: Everyone will hate you but will tell everyone they are you

Unconventional leaders are truly a breed apart, they are..well…special!  Rules and regulations aren’t their forte, accomplishing the mission when no one else will or can is!  Its kind of like this picture, notice the lack of uniformity and that they are all mostly breaking Army Regulations by standing around with their hands in their pockets.  This type of attitude, is not what the party liners, like, and a lot of conventional leaders would decry this group of Special Forces Operators as being “dirt-bags”. What’s funny is that while those conventional leaders would talk trash about the unconventional leaders, they all want to be like them…and the probably tell their families and friends that they are a Special Forces soldier. (just Google Stolen Valor)
Its not that unconventional leaders and unconventional warriors don’t like conventional things like haircuts and not putting your hands in your pockets…its that they have a burning desire to do what it takes to do the mission, and not get wrapped up in the small stuff.  Notice that I didn’t say attention to detail.  Unconventional Leaders pay a lot of attention to detail, but focus on the important stuff.

Unconventional leaders really don’t care what everyone else thinks about them and that makes them the better leader, because they don’t waste time worrying about what others think, and so have more time to do more good work.
What this means for you Unconventional Leaders:
1.  You will face naysayers and you will have people talk bad about you, but really they are jealous at what you are able to accomplish, because history has shown that those who think and lead unconventionally are the ones that are accomplishing the missions
2.  People will claim to be like you…in order to get noticed and gain accolades and praises that they didn’t earn.
3.  People will tell you that they can do what you do if it wasn’t for ___________ (fill in the blank) (but they really can’t other wise they would be doing what you do)
4.  Conventional leaders will try and convince you to stop being unconventional.
5.  You will be a member of an elite community that will help each other accomplish the mission with no competition, do drama and no ask for thanks.

What this means for Conventional Leaders:
1.  You will get left behind because you care about the wrong things.
2.  If you too scared to be an Unconventional Leader then don’t be…but don’t claim to be so that your friends and family will think you are cool.
3.  Unconventional Leaders can tell in an instant if you are a fake or not so don’t even try it.
4.  Reading books about Unconventional Leaders, don’t make you one
5.  You will always do things alone because you can’t handle not being in the spotlight.

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