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Productivity Tools…do they help?

I like to think I am productive…

But I know that I am not as productive as I could or should be!

In the past I was addicted to DayTimers.  I would spend hours agonizing how to set up the binder to make me more productive…and then never carry the thing.

It is a little easier to remember to carry my iPhone around with me…and have a bunch of apps that I have downloaded and rarely use, all in the name of trying to be more productive!

Here is my list of what I use to stay productive!

  1. Evernote–  This is probably the most used tool I use.  I get strange looks in church when I am tapping away at sermon notes or writing a note for my book/s.  There are apps that help make Evernote an even greater so look into them as well.
  2. Zotero– this is a free Bibliography program that is easy to use and it downloads bibliographical information straight from Amazon!  This saves me a ton of time when doing research and I have been putting books into subjects so that I can produce bibliographies as needed.
  3. Dropbox– This helps me stay productive by letting me access files across all of my platforms.
  4. Scrivener– helps me write and do research as well as prepare messages and classes better

What do you use?


Here is my absolute favorite productivity guru:

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