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Conventional Leaders can’t understand Unconventional Leaders

Conventional Leaders can’t understand Unconventional Leaders

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Actually Conventional Leaders HATE Unconventional Leaders

I can’t explain why, they just do.  Maybe it’s culture shock, maybe it is jealousy…

One of the best examples is the found in the movie Black Hawk Down, one of the conventional leaders has issues with the unconventional ones.  You can see it on YouTube here. (warning there are some bad words)

Another example comes from one of the best Unconventional Leaders there is, in a book that he wrote about Leadership.

I had the pleasure of serving with Pete Blaber, he is one of the best leaders that I have ever known, I have let leaders borrow this book and all have had great things to say about it.  In the book Pete talks about how conventional leaders almost got he and his men killed.  But like the good Unconventional Leader Pete is, he does the right thing to protect his men.  A conventional leader would have done what they were told, and more than likely been killed in the process.  Remember that an Unconventional Leader protects their men, sometimes with their own lives.  Maybe conventional leaders sense that some how, and makes Unconventional Leaders seem crazy to them.  But if you are an Unconventional Leader who has ever had to deal with conventional leaders, then you know who the crazy ones are.

Read Pete Blaber’s book and I guarantee you will have a different outlook on leadership.

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