Published on December 12th, 2015 | by Guy


What are your Shibboleths?

Shiao Chong posted a great article at Think Christian entitled The new Christian shibboleths.  Are you in or out?

I think the title of the article it’s self is a play on words…perhaps a shibboleth itself?  I loved the article and the comments posted.  Here is a quote from Shiao 

“Lately, I have found that many North American Christians are increasingly relying on shibboleths to determine if someone passes as “one of us.” Being anti-evolution, anti-abortion (often synonymous with anti-feminist), anti-gay and anti-global warming – for some Christians, these can be considered shibboleths. Other Christians have other shibboleths: being non-judgmental, championing social justice and pursuing gender equality, for example.”

After reading the article did you find any Shibboleths in your journey?

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